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Arthroscope Video

I had a great weekend. Tomorrow is the first of a four-day week. I have friday off, to attend a wedding.

Only four more days. The odd thing is that it might be four more days EVER! Ah, the tumultuous life of a consultant. My contract expires at the end of april, so thursday is the last day of my present contract. I may never return to that office -- or I might be back in a week, a month, or two... who knows where I'll land next?

It's a weird feeling. Keeps things interesting, and certainly not boring.... but I wouldn't mind being able to see just a wee bit farther into my future.

This evening M and I were watching YouTube videos of arthroscopic knee surgeries. He showed me what micro-fracturing looks like, then showed me a general cartilage repair. The micro-fracture knee has this nice clean plasticy-looking cartilage, with one chunk knocked out of it. The doc on the video stated that the adjacent cartilage had to have "good shoulders" to be able to support the clotting tissue.

I'm concerned there is no way my knee will look that clean, after all it's been through in the past 15 years. The general repair video had shredded cartilage hanging everywhere; it looked like crab meat in there. I worry that's more what I'll look like, so I won't have good shoulders and won't be able to grow new cartilage.

It looked like a great idea, and I think that option seemed very appealing.... maybe it's still possible. It might be! But I now understand much better now, having seen the videos, why he said he wouldn't know until he got in there what I'd be a candidate for.

I told M that I understood now, but then a minute later asked, "Do you think he'll do it? The microfractures?" He laughed at me, pointing out that I was contradicting what I'd just said, that now I could see why we didn't know yet.

I laughed and agreed I was being unreasonable. It's just that I really really want to know what will happen! On one hand, now that I understand what knees and scopes look like better, I'm excited to watch my own being done. On the other hand, I really would like to be able to see just a wee bit farther into my future.

The next two week are going to be interesting times!
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