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Knee Update

Yesterday I had knee surgery. It was arthroscopic, which means the recovery shouldn't be too bad. The big question had been whether he would be able to do some bone microfractures, to encourage my knee to grow new cartilage. As it turns out, although there is bone exposed, there is too much for me to be a candidate for microfracture. This is a bit of a disappointment, because I was hoping that there would either be no bone exposure at all, or just enough that we could microfracture the bone and cover it up.

On the plus side, no microfractures means that I don't have to spend weeks and weeks on crutches. I'm already able to put weight on my leg, and I'll be healing pretty quickly. Another plus is that my meniscus is less damaged than feared, and my ACL is intact, so those are both good things.

While he was in there, he harvested some cartilage. Although the body won't grow cartilage on its own, it is possible to grow some in a petri dish and implant it later. This is something I can decide upon later; they can keep the harvested cartilage for five years.

He also did a bunch of cleanup, smoothing things frayed cartilage and bone spurs. He did not drain the cyst like I was expecting, but maybe that'll go away on its own? I'm still not clear on that one. I haven't seen my knee yet; it's bandaged up solid. M will be helping me remove the dressing tonight, and I'll see how it looks. Probably puffy and weird, would be my guess!

It hurts, but I'm okay. I've spent most of yesterday and today alternating between napping, reading, and watching videos. It's an exciting life I lead.... my pain pills do good work, but they knock me out. I'm feeling pretty okay though. Sore, but it's tolerable. I'm using crutches but already putting weight on the leg. It hurts to bend or straighten, but as long as I don't try to use it like a joint it functions fine! Heh... but I think I'll heal fairly quickly.

I won't know until I've healed whether the surgery was really worth it -- whether it will give me a reduction in pain and/or an increase in mobility. I'm hoping for both of those, but we'll see. M and the doctor both think I will find that it helped. I sure hope so! For now, I just have to take it easy, let it heal, and gradually start doing more bending and stretching and such.

I have next week off of work. Although this had not been the original plan, it will certainly be useful to have extra time to rest and recuperate.
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