alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Knee Pics

My knee doesn't look like a knee anymore! It's all puffy and misshapen. Well, it's shaped, "tube" is a shape. Just not a knee-shape.

These are from after I took of the bandages saturday, two days post-surgery, and showered. So it's clean, and you can no longer see my initials on the kneecap. (of course, you can also no longer see the kneecap) They had me sign my own knee, to make sure they knew the right one - kind of a smart idea, actually.

Today it's looking better. More bruised, but less swollen. I'm healing remarkably rapidly. I even walked a few blocks to D's birthday party last night. I put a lot of weight on my crutches of course, but still - I walked! Nifty. This is way easier than ACL surgery.




Tags: knees
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