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Today is the one-week anniversary of my knee surgery, and I'm doing fairly well. I'm walking okay short distances, but I still take a crutch when out in public. Rough terrain, longer walks, and the potential of people bumping into me give me concern. (Or maybe it's just like a friend guessed for me, "You like the sympathy?")

This afternoon I went for a bike ride though, my first one on the new knee! I kept it slow and gentle, just riding casually around the neighborhood. I rode for a decent amount of time though, and it felt really good to get outside and get my blood moving again. I've been hurt, recuperating, and sluggish for so long, it's totally thrown off my body rhythms. I was pretty sore when I was through, but it still felt good to move it.

Tomorrow M and I leave for Chicago. Way back in January, for his birthday, I bought him a pair of Cubs tickets and promised him a Chicago weekend. Finally the day has come, and we're off to see the Cubbies! We've been eagerly monitoring the weather. First it looked sunny, then they were predicting thunderstorms, but now the thunderstorms have moved up to Friday night. Hopefully they stay away from saturday! I'm looking forward to a great weekend. Friday and Sat with M, Saturday with the Cubs, then Sunday he and I will join my family for a late Mother's Day celebration.

Monday I start a new job. I've been keeping these comments vague, for fear of being too public too soon, but it's official now. This week I resigned from the consulting firm with which I was employed, and I accepted a permanent position with a local company looking to start Agile software development. I'm very hopeful and excited about this, even while feeling really sad that my previous job didn't work out.

So that's just some of what's been going on in May. I also attended a wedding, a con, and a birthday party. It's been an incredibly full month, and we're not even half-way through!
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