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Chicago Cubs - cellophane — LiveJournal
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Chicago Cubs
Back from Chicago.... The Cubs game was a whole lot of fun! I'm not much of a sports fan, but I do love a good ball game. Here is my review from a "don't know much about sports" perspective.

It started out incredibly quiet, as nobody scored any runs for the first 5 innings. It was fun to watch, but a bit boring. Then things got interesting. This one Cub was batting and there were two strikes and two outs. To my surprise, everybody started cheering, louder and louder, then everybody stood up and made tons of noise as the next pitch was thrown -- and he hit it out of the park for the game's first score. I was like, "Oh, is that all it takes? Standing up and cheering? Why didn't we think of that sooner?"

The Cubbies woke up and this point and started hitting the balls all over ("What happened," I asked, "did somebody deliver some coffee to the dugout or something?"), and made three runs. The next inning, they made another. We started the final inning with the Astros at bat, the Cubs ahead 4-0. We all kind of figured the game was done. Just gotta get three outs, and we all go home early.....

Then they let a new pitcher out of the dugout. The first two pitches he threw resulted in home runs. Then he proceeded to get hit by the ball as he let a base hit go by, then before they got him off the mound he managed to hit the next batter, allowing him on base also! The fans were outraged, waving hats and curses. He was booed off the field. I was laughing in delight at the turn things had taken, even while booing him myself. I mean, that pitcher was crap. It's got to be hard work to do such a terrible job! Also, I just love it when sports fans get feisty.

Despite getting rid of that pitcher, two more runs were let by and the Astros tied the game in the ninth inning, 4-4. Things were tense as the Cubs came up to bat one final time -- but they pulled it off. First a walk, then a bunt, then a nice hard hit that sent the guy home. Wheeee, Cubs win! A very satisfying ending.

That night M and I enjoyed a pub crawl around Wriglyville, me Tiny Tim-ing around with my single crutch. We visited a couple of Irish bars, then landed at a dueling piano bar which was a total blast. The piano bar even had a pole mounted between the pianos, and people were encouraged to get up on the pianos and pole dance! The musicians were awesome, and it was a lot of fun. (No, neither M or I tried any pole dancing.)

This morning I got together with all of my family member in that area, and we had brunch and a late mother's day celebration. It was quite lovely. Then a long drive home, and now I'm getting ready for my first day on the new job tomorrow. Better get some sleep!

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renniekins From: renniekins Date: May 19th, 2009 03:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Oh good! When I was reading news items about the Wings game to M while he was driving, we decided if this computer stuff doesn't work out, I could always be a sports caster. (soon as i learn to pronounce those names...) Now it's nice to know that I could be a sports writer as well. (: (:

Non-judgemental question for you: did you look in on my cats over the weekend?
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