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Memorial Day Weekend

M and I had a great Memorial Day weekend. It began separately -- he took friday night and saturday morning to get some solid studying in, as he has to re-take his boards in July.

Friday night I went and saw an art show! It was fun, just a little building that displays new local artists. It was for the S half of S&D, and she has some lovely paintings. I'm looking forward to June, when she gets the whole building for herself. After the art show, S&D, C, B, and I all went to dinner in Ferndale, and that was a fun time.

Saturday morning I managed to see She Who Clarifies and My Favorite Once-Barista. Despite being on the verge of heading up North, I wanted to see as many people as possible, so we began scheduling a brunch which evolved into a regular lunch. For me at least - others were still eating breakfast. Sadly, I do NOT see that set of girlfriends often enough.

Then early saturday afternoon hit, and M came over. He arrived earlier than I'd expected him, so I wasn't really packed. I quickly threw an excess amount of clothes and shoes into a backpack, then we attached my bike to the rear of his car, and we were off!

A pretty easy drive up to R&S's cabin, in time for dinner. We hung out for a bit, went out to dinner, then (finally!) watched In Bruges, which we'd been wanting to share with them forever. To my great relief, they liked it.

Sunday morning we slept in, bummed lazily and luxuriously around the cabin, then finally went out for breakfast. That was followed by a seven mile slow bicycle ride around the neighborhood. Seven miles seems to be my knee's current limit, but I know as long as I keep riding it will get better.

After the ride, we decided to go to Traverse City for lox followed by a "dinner cruise" on a tall ship. Really more of a dinner picnic, as they delivered box meals to all the passengers, and we ate perched on parts of the boat. It was neat watching the crew sail a real schooner, reminded me of Maine last year, and was a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

After the cruise, we drove home, admiring the sun set over East Grand Traverse Bay. We found another couple of friends waiting for us at the cabin, and we played Apples to Apples with them well into the night.

Monday was another incredibly relaxed and slow-moving morning, a walk by the lake, and finally a drive home. M and I went for a short bike ride by my house, had some dinner, watched a dumb movie (Taken), and regretfully ended our too-short holiday. Still, it was a good one!
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