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I gave blood today at my office's blood drive. Surprisingly, it went WAY better than it did last time. This is particularly surprising given that I had surgery just over a month ago. I would expect that my body's not back to "normal" yet. If it had gone poorly today, I wouldn't have been surprised. Instead, it was a breeze. All of my stats were good, and I pumped it out nice and fast -- I filled my pint bag in just 7 minutes 22 seconds. That's better than most people do!

That was more like I'm used to for donating blood. I have no bruising, and in fact my arm doesn't hurt at all. The only annoyance is the finger-prick they did, to make sure I had enough iron. Mine happens to be exactly where I type, and for whatever reason it hurts quite a bit.

Just before starting, the nurse was looking for a vein, and she noted out loud that they've used the one on the outside a lot. I suggested that she use a different one, because they'd blown out that one last time. She selected a nice one that looked underused, and it was easy-peasy. "You're my new favorite nurse," I told her. She said she'd be happy to take my blood anytime.

Notes for myself: I gave blood after lunch this time, and made sure to eat a substantial meal. I also had some water with lunch. Perhaps those things contributed to things going so well, or perhaps the different vein, or maybe the phase of the moon.... who knows? But it was a very satisfying experience.

I'd tell more stories, but it hurts to type. Giving blood? Easy! But the finger-prick...? Ouchie. Quite silly really.
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