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Deja Bike

In 2006, I visited Traverse City with some friends. The four of us went for a ride on a local bike trail. While we were out riding, disaster struck -- somebody rudely locked our car in a soccer field. The whole story in all of its drama can be found here. Here is a photo of three of the group (R is taking the photograph).

Traverse City 2006

The guy on the left in the photo was somebody I barely knew, a friend of my friends. In an interesting twist of fate, he and I started dating over a year after this photo was taken.

He and I are still dating, and two days ago, the original group of us decided to return to Traverse City and ride the trail again! This time we conquered it successfully, and nobody had to get trapped in anything. Naturally along the ride we returned to the scene of that fateful soccer field incident (although we were very careful not to get our car anywhere near it).

R suggested that we should document our return visit, so I handed him my camera phone. After all, he took the original photos. In retrospect, I should have had somebody take an additional picture with all four of us standing there -- but I wasn't thinking clearly. It was a beautiful day, nobody was trapped in a soccer field, and I was eager to continue our ride.

Traverse City 2009
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