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Odd Dream - cellophane — LiveJournal
the story of an invisible girl
Odd Dream
Last night I had a strange dream wherein I had been kidnapped. It wasn't really that bad though. I woke up in a small room, and when I first investigated the door I hit an electric wire and was thrown across the room. Well that part was a little bad. But after I realized where the wire was, I was able to step over it fairly easily. Then I had the run of the house.

I was exploring, considering leaving, when the owner come home. It was a bit awkward, because he was acting like I was a houseguest not a prisoner. Then he had a nice party, and I was debating whether I should mention to any of the party guests that I'd been kidnapped or just stay politely quiet about it. Some people were commenting on my facebook that they thought the whole thing was a bit unfortunate, and it shouldn't have happened to me.

I wasn't sure if I should complain or not, as it seemed a bit rude but really not all that bad. When my alarm went off I was still lying in bed in a half-fog, debating whether the kidnapping was an actual problem I should mention to people, or just an inconvenience.


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chance_sparhawk From: chance_sparhawk Date: July 22nd, 2009 03:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

To dream that you are being kidnapped, denotes feelings of being trapped and restricted. Someone or some situation may be diverting your concentration and your attention away from your goals.

To dream that someone has been kidnapped, indicates that you are not letting aspects and characteristics of that person be expressed within you. You are trying to contain and/or suppress those qualities of the kidnapped person.

To dream that you are a kidnapper, signifies that you are holding on to something that you need to let go. You may be forcing your views and opinions on others.


To dream of electricity, symbolizes vigor and life energy. You need to be revitalized. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you need to conserve your energy.

To dream that the electricity is out, indicates your lack of insight and perspective on a situation.


To dream that you are at a party, suggests that you need to get out more and enjoy yourself. If the party is bad, then it indicates that you are unsure of your social skills.


It may be an indiction that your working too hard and not giving yourself enough "you" time.


(Deleted comment)
renniekins From: renniekins Date: July 23rd, 2009 11:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Ha! Now there's an interpretation I hadn't thought of!

Nope, no WorldCon for me. Have fun if you go!
cannibal From: cannibal Date: July 29th, 2009 12:55 am (UTC) (Link)
What, you aren't blaming the boyfriend, and making him feel guilty for letting you get kidnapped in your dreams?
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