alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Now and Then - a few pics

The house is coming right along. Here is the exterior in all its glory:

(here's how it looked a few years ago)

Here is what the new livingroom color looks like - although sadly the piano's already out of the house by now. Good-bye, lovely purple!

(remember the purple?)

Here's a closeup shot of the newly paint, new numbers, new mailbox, and new flowers.

Here's a tilted shot of the new bathroom color.

(the old bright yellow colors)

Here is M and me taking a short break to watch a Toledo Mud Hens game. (Why didn't they pick a cooler name, like Mud Hawks?

(remember when we watched the Cubs? it was colder then.)

* * *

Finally, we get a few messy pics. Here's what I looked like after vigorously scrubbing "texture" off of the office ceiling. (I wore sunglasses after it started getting in my eyes.)

...and last and smelliest, here is the pile of garbage I left on the street for pickup after ripping out half of my basement carpet. The second half left a pile of equal size, but that hasn't been photographed so you'll have to use your imagination.

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