alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

House and Bro's Patio

A colleague at work today mentioned that his car was finally getting out of the shop.

"What happened?", asked somebody.

"Somebody backed up into it. Actually, it was my neighbor."

"Stupid neighbor," I said sympathetically. "You should move. Hey, I have a lovely house for sale!"

I've managed to work it into a lot of random conversations. My coworkers have gotten used to it, and they just smile and laugh. On the plus side, they've all checked out the photos, and they say it looks good. So that's something.

I have had two showings so far. I told somebody that, and their response was, "No way, that's great - didn't you just put it on the market last week?"

Yes, it's been on the market since thursday (one week ago). Maybe I've set my expectations too high, because my response has been, "Just two??"

Anyway, neither individual who saw my house has made me an offer yet. The first person decided it wasn't for them. The second person hasn't given me any feedback yet. I assume that means they liked it, and will be making me an offer soon!

In other house news, my brother had his children build him a patio last month:

I think they did a nice job.

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