alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


This is me in my new nigh-impossible-to-photograph geeky shirt. (If you can't make it out, that's the ghostbusters car.)

I just ordered and was fitted for a custom-made orthopedic knee brace, an "unloader" which is supposed to shift my weight from the cartiledge-free side of the knee to the undamaged side. I'm dubious, because it looks big and bulky. Also, won't it be uncomfortable having my knee pushed to the side? But I'm trying it anyway, because I do find walking on this exposed bone to be fairly uncomfortable too.

On the plus side, I selected metalic purple for the color, so I'm a little excited about that!

nobody has made me an offer on my house yet, which is frustrating. But I hope it will happen soon....

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