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Deers and Houses

I'm getting over a cold, and I've been a bit lonely recently. M is out at "deer kamp" this week. Things aren't going great for the mighty hunter thus far. Apparently pleasant weather is not good for deer hunting. Deer are not, it turns out, like me. They don't think to themselves, "Oooh, what a lovely day, I think I'll go for a bit of a stroll." Cold weather gets deer moving more.

Basically this means that M and I have both been doing a fair amount of reading. I've been doing it dressed in fleece jammies, curled up on a couch, and he's been doing it dressed in bright orange canvas, curled up in a deer blind.

I would think that I'm winning, except for the fact that I went to work today, and he's on vacation. Also I have a cold, and he doesn't. Oh well... I'm slowly getting over my cold, and he'll be back to cook dinner for us on wednesday, and I'm looking forward to it!

In the meantime, I finally had another house showing yesterday. I made him do the "sell this house" dance with me on the phone. ("Wait," he said, "I need to go deeper into the woods so nobody sees me." But then he danced with enthusiasm.)

Along with doing the "sell this house" dance, I made cookies. This has been the first showing for which I've had enough warning and enough free time to dart out to the grocery, buy some cookie dough, and put it into the oven before the showing. I left a little plate of fresh-baked cookies on the table for the potential buyers, and the place smelled nicely of baking.

The dancing and cookies combined seem to have helped! Nothing's been sold yet, but at least I got my first positive feedback. About half the viewers haven't given any feedback at all. The other half have had some complaint or another. Yesterday's person expressed some interest, and the buyer's agent said the house showed great. The only downside is that it was the person's first day out, so they aren't ready to commit to anything until they've seen more.

So who knows. I'm not capable of not getting my hopes up (I just finished looking at more houses for sale in Northville), and I'm sure I'll be feeling despondent about the whole thing again soon, but realistically anything could happen. I don't know when they are hoping to buy, or what they're looking for, or anything. Still... positive feedback is definitely encouraging!

Thursday my PODS comes back, and I begin Step One (of about a zillion steps) of the process of moving into M's house. Sure would be nice if the house sells first, but we're doing this thing anyway!
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