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What's Going On

I've been ill, on and off, for the past month. I had a cold, which then turned bronchial, then I had a reoccurrence of my periodic jaw issue, then went on antibiotics, then started exhibiting new cold symptoms. Much like the cold I just got over. It's getting better, but slowly. I'm still not sure if I have an actual second cold, or if it has something to do with the antibiotics. Either way, I would like it to go away -- for good, this time. Hopefully that will happen now that the antibiotics are done.

On the plus side, exactly two years ago M and I went on a date. It was a long evening, with lots of good food, wine, and some fun getting-to-know-you conversation. After that we had a bunch more dates, some trips, a lot of laughs, a few tears, culminating in Project Shackup which will conclude this Sunday, December 14th.

Tonight we are going back to that first restaurant (D'Amatos) to celebrate. I'm looking forward to it.

Speaking of Project Shackup, last weekend was spent at M's house, organizing and packing. We cleared space in his closet for my stuff, and in his bedroom, and he sacrificed his office so that I can have a Room Of My Own. We also hunted a Christmas tree, chopping it down, and strapping it to the roof of the car to take it home. The house is now decorated and pretty. A busy weekend, but a productive one!

Reorganizing the closet was a big project. He has a large walk-in closet with bars on either side. He had consolidated his stuff to fit mostly on one side, but we needed to find a solution that would accommodate more sweaters and folding items. Also I was concerned about wasted space on my side, because I'm too short to use the shelf above the bar for anything useful.

We went to Lowes and looked at closet organization solutions. After much pacing up and down the aisle and debate, we found a few good solutions. There was a manufacturer that had a variety of stand-alone kits with shelves, drawers, and doors, and whatnot. Each was labeled with a letter. "What do you think of item I?" "Too narrow." "How about K?" "No, we don't need the doors." "Let's go with J."

We bought item J, which is now attached to the back wall of the closet, filled with sweaters, and affectionately named Jay. It took awhile to build Jay, especially while crouched in a closet -- but he does a great job of almost tripling the storage space in the closet.

In addition to Jay, I decided to raise my closet bar and put a half-bar underneath. Since I'm too short to use the top shelf, I figure I'd put it even higher so I could use the space underneath it. I now have extra hanging space, and hopefully plenty of room for my shoe rack under it. The top shelf will be used for things I only need rarely.

I won't know how well it will work until my stuff arrives on sunday, but I have high hopes that there will be plenty of room! Lots more to do... this week I'm going to pack up anything in my house I want to keep at M's, then I need to arrange for some movers to come on sunday. As of sunday, I will consider M's house my full-time residence -- though I will still own another house in addition.

Sadly the house hasn't sold. This means I can't bring all my things, because some stuff needs to stay behind and stage the house. On the plus side, I can store some items here that I won't need and won't have room for at M's. We'll leave the house on the market, and I'll be visiting it regularly to make sure all is well -- after all I do work relatively near, so it won't be too hard. I also have friendly neighbors who will keep an eye on things. (Unless I find somebody that wants to keep an eye on it for me in exchange for an incredibly low rental rate... no luck so far though.)

The good thing is that we're not letting this terrible economy and housing market dictate our relationship. We're moving forward... and I'm excited to see where we end up!
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