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Presents for the kids

My nephew's letter to Santa:
Dear Santa, Please tell Rudolph that I said "hi" to him. For Christmas I want a medium live crab, and a gumball machine where each piece of gum costs $25 and only I have the key. My name is Will Wasielewski. I also want a Nerf gun with an aimer that you can take apart. Love, Will. P.S. Please write back. P....P.S. Dear Santa, you can put any candy in my stocking because I am not allergic to anything.

My brother goes on to note: "He originally did ask for a giant crab. I told him a giant crab could be bigger than him. He denied the possibility. I told him they could definitely be pretty big. He settled on a medium sized crab."

Will is almost seven. I thought it would be fun to get him a hermit crab plus crabitat and accouterments for Christmas this year. I checked with my bro, and he and his wife talked it over and agreed that it would be okay. This will be fun! Remember good ol' Lobster, my office hermit crab? Well he is sadly long gone, but at least his memory can live on.

I don't actually know much about buying hermit crabs and accessories. Everything that a little boy will need to raise a pet crab and keep it happy. I'm going to try to find a good local fish store or pet store - though I've been warned away from big pet supply stores. I'm also open to suggestions from the internet; I know there are a few fish/crab/animal lovers on my friends list. What should I get, and where should I get it??

My niece's letter to Santa:
To Santa The red stocking belongs to our dog Rufus. Rufus would appreciate some chew toys, a bone, and some treats. I would like a Barbie three musketeer doll, a toy pony, and a cupcake machine. I would also like a Cinderella doll with a Sparkling dress. Thank you. Love Tilly. P.S. I will leave you cookies and milk.

Tilly is almost four. Do they still have those baking lightbulb things? I wonder if she might be too young for one though. I might look for a toy pony. Also she loves dancing, so I'm hoping to find a dancing doll of some sort. I saw a dancing Dora the Explorer on the internet; maybe they have those at Target.

Off to go toy shopping.... hopefully the crowds won't be too overwhelming! Fortunately buying kids' presents is fun.
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