alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Kid Snippets

Tilly, almost four, opens a Three Musketeers Barbie.... "Oh yay, I've ALWAYS wanted one of these!" Shortly after thanking her aunt, she informs us all, "These are very expensive!"

Will, almost seven, is sitting at the Christmas dinner table and asks to be excused. "I've eaten all I want." He is told to stay at the table and talk to people for awhile. "I've already talked about everything I can think of!" he exclaims in frustration.

M's family are playing a game in which they must guess somebody's nickname. "Megan" is sometimes called "Megracious", so the aunt is giving hints. "It sounds like a word that means helpful, kind, or generous." A little boy suggests tentatively, "Melpful?"
Tags: family
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