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A Complicated Year In Review

Trips: 11 (Vail, NYC, Chicago (4), Florida, various locations Up North (5))
Different kinds of jobs: 5
Illnesses: 4
Surgeries: 1
Boyfriends: 1
Fiances: 1
House showings: 25
House sales: 0


I join a software consulting company, Xede, and am placed at my first client: Polk. I stay there 5 days, then am pulled off that job and asked by my employer to work at a different client. That falls through, and I find myself on the bench.

M and I go skiing in Northern MI, and I wear my new Christmas ski outfit. I get new stripes put into my hair. I have a bad night which involves an ice dam, water raining into my computer room, and a surreal visit from the police due to flashlights seen outside my front door (but everything turns out fine).

I go to ConFusion for half the weekend, then head to the airport to meet M for a vacation in Vail. I catch a cold, and my knee hurts, but I have an awesome vacation anyway.


I go to a Superbowl party and even watch some of the football. I celebrate groundhog day. I decide that, in an effort to preserve my last remaining knee cartilage, I want to try switching from skiing to snowboarding (but never manage to actually try it). I buy a bicycle trainer and start riding on it.

Google flies me to New York City to interview with them (final round), but does not offer me a job. M and I start to contemplate trying to move in together. Xede places me at a different client site at Polk. My mom visits for a weekend. I give blood. I have fun at the FCB Valentine dinner-dance. I do some private consulting work for a friend's business.


Because of my new job, I am unable to go to Italy when M goes with some friends. I stay home and work a particularly stressful week. I organize a few friends to join me at Prontos for St Patties Day. I drive to Chicago to see my family for a weekend, and watch my 3-year-old niece's dance practice.


My consulting job at Polk continues to be stressful - even more so because I know it will end soon but not when. Despite not being able to take any time off, I fly to Florida to spend a very short weekend hanging out on a beach with my sister. We warm up in the sun, walk, eat, shop, and rent bicycles. I discover my contract will end with the end of the month. I watch a couple of friends (Jer and Ger) get married.


I have a decent time at Penguicon. I buy M a bicycle. Xede asks me to take an unpaid leave of absence. I have arthroscopic surgery on my knee (and am disappointed to learn the damage is worse than originally thought, and no repair work is done).

I interview with Gale, am offered a job the same day, and accept it the following day. I resign from Xede. I drive to Chicago, and M and I see a Cubs game. For Memorial Day, we drive Up North to stay at our friends' cabin.


I invite a bunch of friends to join me at Sangria for an early birthday party, then we have cake at my house later. I give blood. I plant flowers in my yard. M and I watch the Tigers play the Cubs at Comerica.


M and I go Up North for the Fourth with our usual cohorts, and revisit the scene of the soccer field lockin. We manage to not get locked in. I decide to put my house on the market, and M and I spend many hours, blood, sweat, and tears, to get it fixed up. I sell my sectional couch.

M and I go Up North again, this time for a camping/canoeing trip. We also attend a wedding reception for friends who got married in Russia.


I have a painter come in and cover up my lovely purple walls. I remind myself again and again, "It's not my house." I put my house up for sale. M and I drive to Toledo to watch a Mudhens game. We celebrate Dragonfly's birthday. We attend my 20-year high school reunion (ack). M attend the Advil Open while I attend Constructacon. I drive to Chicago for a(nother) short visit that includes a 59 mile bike ride. Nobody buys my house.


M and I bury a statue of St Joseph in my yard, to encourage the house to sell. I order an orthopedic knee brace. M and I go on a one-week driving vacation through the Upper Peninsula and Lelenaw. I receive a Difference Maker award at work. Nobody buys my house.


My sister, M, and I all go on the Blue Water Ramble bike ride for Team Alpaca. I ride by myself (Lone Alpaca) in a breast cancer awareness ride. I attend ConClave. My sister visits. I continue to be frustrated by my house's refusal to be sold. I attend a Spartan football game. M and I dress up as each other for Halloween.


I catch a cold. I suffer a reoccurrence of my periodic salivary gland infection. I catch another cold. I decide that November is not a healthy month. M and I attend "prom for adults", which is really a charity dinner. I accidentally drop my Centro in a drainpipe, but it is rescued. I decide to buy a Palm Pre anyway. I spend Thanksgiving with M's family, and we are visited by a friend of his from Scotland. Nobody buys my house.


M and I chop down a Christmas tree. Nobody buys my house, but we decide not to let that stop us. We complete Project Shackup two weeks before Christmas, which means I officially move into his house. I buy my nephew hermit crabs for Christmas. We drive to Chicago for Christmas. M proposes marriage. I say YES.

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