alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


I'm going to take a snowboarding lesson tomorrow - woohoo! I have high hopes that this will solve all of my knee problems... or at the very least, make it so that I can enjoy sliding down slopes with less pain. If I find it's fun, and hurts less than skiing, I plan on converting. If either of those things turns out untrue, I'll try skiing with my knee brace. But hopefully snowboarding will be the solution I'm seeking!

The guys I work with are all rather child-like (in a fun way). For example, we have a laser pointer floating around the team room. Whenever somebody finds it, they start playing with it to the point of distraction. They stare at it on the ceiling, point it at screens, each other, the floor.....

We were preparing a demo on wednesday, and one of them picked up the pointer. "We can show them our laser pointer," he suggested cheerfully, as he made it dance around his keyboard.

"Yeah sure," I said. "We'll show them that we're all catlike. And I don't mean in terms of reflexes, I mean in terms of attention span."
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