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Snowboarding Weekend

My snowboarding adventure weekend was somewhat successful.  Nobody went to the hospital, and I boarded all day.  (M switched back to  skis after the morning.)  I fell a lot, but that's to be expected - totally normal, from what I hear. Snowboarding is sooooo counter-intuitive! From everything I'm told, it feels completely unnatural for the first few days. But, in theory, after a few days it just kind of "clicks" and then it gets much easier.

Right now I can point the board forward, do a heel-turn, and do a toe-turn. I can stop, fall, and get up. (I'm really good at falling.) What I can't really do yet is steer. The board goes in the direction it wants - downward - largely based on gravity. If I want to do a traverse - glide across the hill at an angle - it's very challenging. Sometimes it works, but often I end up sliding down on my heel edge, instead gracefully heading to the right, in the direction my board is pointed. I think this is because I'm not getting my weight on top of my front (right) foot properly.

(When working on this, my instructor asked me: "What's the name of an ex-boyfriend?" "Um, F." "Okay, think of it this way. Your left foot is F. Your right foot is M. You need to put less weight on F, and more onto M." So every time I was having trouble directing my board, he would call, "Get off of F, onto M!" It made me giggle, and not surprisingly M liked it too when he learned the story later.)

Anyway yesterday I took two lessons, one with M in the morning, and one private one in the afternoon. I got the basics down, and finally at 4pm made it off the bunny hill and onto an easy blue. I made it down alive! Then I called it a day, because I was exhausted. Today I feel incredibly sore. I feel like I fell down a mountain - which I did! Well, a hill. Okay, a bunny hill. But I did a lot of tumbling. Every muscle hurts, from a combination of the actual snowboarding work, catching myself, rolling, picking myself up again and again, and general battering. It even hurts my neck muscles to yawn, let alone more complicated efforts like standing up from the couch, picking up a glass of wine, or walking up stairs. I also landed hard on my tailbone, which is quite painful today. But I have only three significant bruises, and nothing is broken.

As for my knee? It's too soon to tell, but I think it may like snowboarding better than skiing. It's definitely swollen today, but not dramatically so. It didn't hurt much yesterday, but it hurts more today. I can't tell how much is from falling on it, and how much is from the snowboarding itself. However I had enough fun yesterday that I want to continue the experiment. I didn't twist it or strain it or anything, and I think it hurts less than it has in the past after skiing.

I'm definitely going to try again in a week or two, once I've finished nursing my bruises away. I want to learn more and get comfortable on the board, then see how my knee is doing after a day of not falling on it as much.

"Skiing is a sport," said a guy I met in Colorado last year, "while snowboarding is a lifestyle." I'm not sure I want to take up a new lifestyle, but I would like to enjoy sliding down mountains with my friends. Preferably pain-free. If switching to boarding will do the trick, I'm willing to make the switch. Plus, I looked pretty cool! :-D


The weekend getaway was a Christmas present from M to me. Along with the lift tickets in Nubbs, we got two nights in Bayview Inn, Petoskey, two breakfasts, and a sleigh ride! It was a lovely weekend, and it was fun seeing Lake Michigan from a different angle. We took lakeshore pictures again. We liked the place so much, we're even considering doing our wedding up there.... although we still have lots of decisions and considerations before anything is final.



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