alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

ConFusion Part Two

After lunch saturday afternoon, I lie down for a nap, but don't sleep much. I get a little rest though.
I pay for internet to get a tiny bit of schoolwork taken care of.
I get up, shower, and go to a concert recommended by D&A. (It was really good!)
I debate with myself about going to dinner with a variety of people, and end up not doing so for one reason or another. Instead I use the time to catchup with more folks.
I convince M to come to con after he finishes with the kitchen contractor, luring him with the promise of dinner.
I hang out with a variety of people, catch up, and converse.
M finally arrives at 10pm, and we are both starving.
We eat, then I introduce him to many people.
He goes home, and I go to the dance for awhile.
I party hop for a long time.
I lose the saturday night pillow fight, but it's okay because I won the friday night one.
Girl talk with SGW and then sleep, for more like 5 hours this time.
I eat Frosted Flakes and a Java Monster for breakfast in the con suite, and am then totally wired for a few hours.
I pack up and say my goodbyes.
I check out the dealer room.
I head to my house, to deal with the Finishing Of The Kitchen followed by the Meeting Of The Moms.
I forget and/or eliminate many details in my short little posts.
The end.
Tags: confusion
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