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Groundhog Cookies

Tuesday was M and my third Groundhog Day together. By "together" I mean "while dating".... I don't mean we were actually together for each holiday. In fact during our very first one, he was on vacation in Europe. I gently teased him about being out of town, abandoning me on my favorite holiday. He was puzzled by my enthusiasm, but did manage to send me an e-card on Feb 2nd.

Our second Groundhog Day together, I asked M if he wanted to come over for Groundhog Day. "On a monday night?" he asked rather incredulously. It's my favorite holiday, I reminded him. "You and your holidays," he said, shaking his head. I'm not sure if we actually went out that night or not. My various memory triggers (LJ, my Palm calendar) don't mention anything, and we went to NYC later that week, so we might have skipped it.

This year, our third one, he asked me on monday, "What are you doing tomorrow night?" I dunno, nothing, I told him. "Want to go out to celebrate Groundhog Day?"

Out loud I said, "Oh, that would be lovely, yes thanks." But internally I was saying, "YES! He finally gets me!!"

Thus it was decided that we'd go out tuesday night. We settled on sushi - not because it's particularly groundhogy, but because we've both been craving it recently. But that's not all...!

Tuesday morning I got a text from M. "Check your mailroom," it said, "the groundhog has sent you something." In confusion, I went to my building's mailroom at lunchtime. It turns out that the groundhog was very good to me this year! I found a box, and inside the box was a big tin bucket full of Mrs. Fields cookies. Yummmm.

I opened it at the cafeteria, having lunch with my usual crew. ("Use your sparkley," one of them suggested when I was struggling with the tape on the box. He meant use my new engagement ring. But I didn't.) Lunchtime was a good time for cookies, so I shared several around the table after we'd eaten. That afternoon I shared a few more with the folks on my team - plus eating several for myself.

The note in the box said, "Happy Groundhog Day! love, M. Don't forget to share with your team...!" That evening I accidentally left the note sitting by my keyboard as I went home (taking several cookies with me to share with M of course.)

The next morning I found a handwritten note next to the one I'd left on my desk. It said, "Thanks M. We love you too!! The Team."
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