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Weekend Review

The weekend started friday after work, with the annual FCB Valentine Dinner Dance. M got a ride from a good friend of ours, and met me at the dance (since I work just a couple miles away). The food was good, the dance fun, and we looked lovely as always. It was fun to get dressed up and go out. There were pictures taken, hopefully I can get some emailed to me.

The weekend also unfortunately started with a cold. Fortunately I didn't let it get me down too much, although there were definitely times when I was not at my perky best.

Saturday morning we drove Up North to Charlevoix. We had a couple of potential wedding venues to check out. First was Castle Farms, which was really pretty but kind of "kitschy", if that's spelled right. Still, the place is beautiful and tempting. After that appointment we headed to Petoskey to check out the Perry Hotel. I like this place a lot, and it remains one of the top contenders.

After the wedding stuff, we decided to head to our favorite Petoskey watering hole, the Noggin Room, in the basement of the Perry. We had a few drinks, listened to some music by Sean Ryan, and had some dinner. We chatted with a couple who was seated next to us. Eventually we went to our motel room and called it a night.

Sunday was ski/snowboard day! It didn't start out that way though... it started out as sleep in and luxuriate about the room day. We were both tired, I was congested, and we almost talked ourselves into a day of lounging about Petoskey instead. However after an incredibly slow start, we eventually got ourselves out to Nubbs for a half-day lift pass.

I rented a snowboard and took myself to the bunny hill. I was very nervous at first, day two of my snowboarding effort felt just as foreign and uncomfortable as my first day, five weeks ago. On top of that, my tailbone was still sore from a nasty fall back during my boarding efforts in January. (On a side note, M thinks I may have actually broken the darn thing, given how long it's taken me to heal. I haven't bothered to xray it though, because there is nothing that can be done to fix a broken tailbone.)

Anyway, at first I just tried to remember how to slide on the board, then tried a few turns. M accompanied me for my (slow!) first run down the bunny hill, then went off to do some real skiing. I kept plugging away, regaining all of the skills I'd acquired during the lessons I took last month. Then I get more comfortable, honing those skills. Finally, I was ready to get off the bunny hill!

M was nowhere around though, so I went back up and then down one more time. Just when I was thinking of abandoning the bunny without him, he reappeared. Hooray! We took a chair lift up to a blue run, Snow Pro. At first I had a really hard time, falling on every turn. It was all a mental game - it looked steeper and felt different - and I was psyching myself out. Finally I got past my mental barrier and got the feel of boarding on a bigger hill. It was fun! I went down it two more times, each time a little better than the run before. I still wiped out a few times, but I did a pretty good job.

I don't feel like I am in control of my board yet, but I think we have reached a distrustful truce. I'm not in charge, but neither is it. Hopefully my third effort on a snowboard will have me turning the corner toward being comfortable on the thing. It's fun, even if still kinda scary! I think I really can make this transition and become a boarder. I'm excited about it, even. Hmm, I need a new Duke Boarding icon.

After boarding, we went to the apres ski. I had something with cocoa and alcohol to warm up, and M had a beer to cool down. We were surprised to see Sean Ryan there again, the same fella who'd been playing the night before at the Noggin Room!

After the apres ski, we went back to the room for hot showers and clean clothes. I spent an hour or two doing some schoolwork. Then we went to City Park Grill, which has become sort of a tradition for us (this is our third Petoskey adventure). Then, of course, we went back to the Noggin Room for some more music and refreshment. I decided to stretch my legs for a bit, and walked up to the third floor of the hotel. Who should I see there but the same couple we'd been chatting up the night before at the Noggin Room! They were sharing a bottle of wine in the parlor by the fireplace. We said 'hello', and it turns out I'd scared them because I walked in right when they'd been discussing a ghost story. I love how small a town Petoskey can be!

Monday saw us getting up a bit earlier, and visiting one more potential wedding venue before heading home. This was The Inn at Bay Harbor, which proved the pattern that I've been seeing thus far: we fall in love with each venue that we see. It's been making it difficult to make a choice. It was lovely though, and we have some tough decision ahead of us! Detroit area? Up North area? And in those two sections, which of the several places we've fallen in love with??

Filled with questions, we hit the road and drove back to Ypsi. I tried to nap, because my cold was battling my brain for control of my head. I'm not sure how successful I was, but eventually we made it home. We stopped for Chinese food on the way, so that once we were home we could just stay here awhile. At least until morning, which it's back to work we go... darn! Just when I was getting into the swing of the long weekend, it came to an end. Alas....
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