alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

In searh of good home

I'm looking to sell my treadmill. It won't fit in my new house. Make me an offer: I bought it for about $600 four years ago. You see lots of ads that say "Hardly ever used!", as though that's supposed to be a selling point, that it's been allowed to sit in a basement and rust. My treadmill has been keep in good working condition by being used regularly but gently. Over 500 miles logged, all by one small-sized female.

It is a Pro Form, has 10 degrees of elevation, and can go up to 10 MPH. It has a fan to keep you cooled off while exercising, and two cupholders.

Ideally, you'd be able to come to Royal Oak on saturday and take it home with you. I know the two of you will be very happy together.
Tags: treadmill
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