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Let me tell you about my friday. The day started with me getting up early, so I could ride my bike (in the basement) before work. Then it was time to take my littlest kitty to the vet.

We'd noticed on saturday that the poor thing had a lower fang that was sticking out of her mouth. We called a couple of vets, got an appointment scheduled on monday. However on sunday I polled Facebook and found a better vet, so I canceled the first appointment and made an appointment with the better vet. Sadly they could not see me until wednesday.

Then tuesday night at work I discovered that I had a very important meeting on wednesday morning. After agonizing over the two conflicting appointments, I decided to reschedule the vet again. She looked uncomfortable, but she was eating and didn't seem to be in any pain. Feeling very guilty, I rescheduled for friday.

So now let me tell you about my friday. Before I got in the shower, I scooped the kitty up from her nap. She yelped and yowled, but I stuffed her in the cat carrier and latched the door. Then I took my shower with her locked up.... (I'd scheduled extra time, in case it took two or three tries to cage her.)

Arriving at the vet, I noticed that her tooth looked much worse. I suspect that fighting for freedom in the cat carrier had bumped the tooth, making it even looser. It was sticking straight out from her mouth, like a tusk. It looked dreadfully uncomfortable.

Once we got into the exam room, after she was weighed and suffered the indignity of having her temperature taken, she hid under the bench. Waiting for the vet to come, I realized that fang was not going to remain very long, so I got down with my camera and took a few pictures of Little Miss Snaggletooth.

She was pacing back and forth, rubbing her chin on the bench. The tooth was clearly bothering her. Then she gave her head a good shake.... and the tooth skittered across the floor.

"Seriously?", I asked her. "Now you lose the tooth naturally, after I've gone to all this trouble to bring you to the vet?"

Exasperated, I set the tooth on the exam table and settled in to wait. Eventually the vet showed up. "Oh, the tooth!"

"Yes. She decided to shake it free, right before you got here. Of course that was the whole reason we came...."

The vet went ahead and did an exam anyway, and some dental cleaning. She talked me into vaccinating her for rabies, and we agreed to an injection of antibiotics to ward off any nastiness that might have come from the rotten tooth.

She cried as the tech held her down and the vet stabbed her with the needles. But she didn't squirm or fight. "Who's a brave pumpkin?", the vet asked when she was through. (Side note: I like this vet. They are clearly Cat People.)

Let me tell you about the rest of my friday. I paid for the work, took my kitty home, dropped her off, and hurried into work. I was there for a little over three hours, and distracted most of the time. However there was an important meeting that I didn't want to miss, and I think it was worthwhile.

After I left work at 2:30, I drove to Royal Oak. I was a bit early, so I got gas, used the restroom, and got a car wash. Then there was no more avoiding it....

I went to my realtor's office, signed a whole bunch of papers, and gave a couple of strangers my housekeys. They didn't give me any money, but that was to be expected. Instead, they gave me the freedom of not having to pay a mortgage any longer! Zowie! It took twice as long as predicted, and it was a painful process. However, when I walked out of that office, I was no longer a homeowner!

After that I drove home, picked up M, and we went out to celebrate my homelessness. Although as he points out, it's not really homelessness. He and I share a home. It's just houselessness. I'm thrilled - it's the first domino to fall, helping us begin along the path of starting a life together!
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