alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Done with the Final

I'm done with class! I don't even know that I mentioned that I was back in school, but now I'm done for a short while. I took two classes, one Jan-Feb, and one Mar-April. Just turned in my final exam (yes, I had to finish my final in the middle of Penguicon weekend), and now I'm going to take a couple of months off I think.

That really sucked up a lot of my time! Well, that plus selling my house, moving, getting engaged, planning a wedding, working at my new job, getting to know my new fiance and neighborhood, stuff like that. It really wasn't the perfect timing to take two classes in the midst of all that, but I'd already signed up for them and gotten the tuition approval through work before life got so chaotic. (This might partially explain my vast lack of posting this year.)

I am now 50% through my MS in computer science. I started three years ago, then took a year off when I joined Tele Atlas. That morphed into two years off when I lost that job and started hunting for a new one. I'm really glad I picked it back up this year, and I'll definitely be taking at least one more class before the year is through. I'm just going to skip two months and catch my breath a bit. I don't have a real need for this degree, but I do want to finish what I began. It will be very satisfying to get this thing completed.
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