alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Traffic Signs

Construction has necessitated my using a new freeway exit on the way home from work every day. Last week, as I pulled up to the stoplight, I noticed a small white posterboard with black writing.

mom is so sorry.

the board proclaimed, with a sad face next to the text.

The next board was even more poignant. "Natalie come home," it pleaded. "Come Home Nat." They were both decorated with little hearts.

I think about these signs every time I drive by, and I say a little prayer for Natalie, wherever she may be. I hope she is safe.

I am generally the type to build a story in my head from insignificant little details. But these signs, these details, are so real and so beyond insignificant, and I'm paralyzed trying to imagine the scenario that would lead to these black-and-white hand-drawn signs. I just keep getting stuck in the vast helplessness a woman must feel, when her only option is to put some signs on a freeway intersection, hoping there is a chance her daughter might see them....
Tags: story, thoughtful
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