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Birth Day Anniversary

Today I turn thirty-nine. This means (for those of us slow at math in the mornings) that I'm just one year away from forty.

Now we will pause a moment, as I mull over why forty is not spelled with a "u", like four is.

When I was twenty-nine, I searched for something to do to make the year special, something that I had never done before. I finally settled on flying an airplane. There was a small airport near my house that had "try flying" sessions, where for a small fee you could go up in the air in a light plane and be instructed in flying. I flew the plane, and even landed it with a little help. It was a cool experience.

Thirty-nine will be an exciting year for me. I have the "something I have never done before" already figured out: I'm getting married this year. There are a whole lots of firsts to go with that one! It's very exciting, and wedding-planning is fun (albeit stressful at times).

I will admit that I'm glad I'll be married before I turn forty. It's not that I fear turning forty while single... in fact I'd rather be forty and single than be with the wrong person. It's just that since I've found the right person, I really want to marry him before I turn forty. When I accepted his proposal, I specifically said that we had to get married sometime between then (December 2009) and June 2, 2011. It may be a silly little thing, but it matters to me nevertheless.

Now, all of that said, I am curious what other people think one should do before one turns forty? If there was one thing you'd wish me to experience this year, what would it be? This sounds like it calls for a poll....

Poll #1573263 Birthday Poll

Humor me here, and wish me a good day. (:

Happy birthday Renniekins!

Out of curiosity, how old are you (poll-taker)?

Under 20
Rather not say

What's one thing I should do before I turn forty?

Tell me something fun.

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