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New York Trip

So I made it to NYC and back over the weekend. We took a long weekend, M and I. We left Thursday afternoon and flew to Newark. We chose Newark because our weekend plans ended in New Jersey, but perhaps we should have thought things through a little bit more. Newark is rarely ontime.

Thursday was no exception: we were delayed first, then after boarding we were grounded in Detroit for 45 minutes. Ugh. Eventually we made it though, found ourselves a cab, then waited in painfully slow traffic while we tried to get into the city. More ugh.... but we amused ourselves with Yelp, deciding where to have dinner when we finally arrived, and what to do afterward.

We got to my aunt's house, as she was generously loaning us her Upper Westside apartment for the evening. Dropped off our stuff, and set out in a hungry haze to find food. Yelp led us to a nice little Italian place right nearby, and once we started in on the bread there we found ourselves feeling much better. The Irish bar was found afterward also helped, then we stumbled home and into bed.

Friday was our "see the city" day, as well as moving day. Every day was moving day, actually. We first went out to breakfast, then strolled through Central Park. Then back to my aunt's house to pack up, then underground for a subway adventure. Cabs are easier, but the subway feels more like New York "ought" to feel. We took the red line down to 23rd street, then walked to our hotel in Chelsea.

After settling in there, we hit the streets for more exploring. I thought checking our Greenwich Village would be fun, so we walked South. We admired a fountain (that turned off right when we wanted to photograph it), watched some sort of weird performance art, saw a guy with pigeons sitting all over him, window shopped and people watched. We saw a deaf man in a pink oxford zooming down the street on a motorized skateboard/scooter thing. We saw a man dressed as Bobofet playing an accordion. We had some slices of pizza, then later a belgian waffle with ice cream. We looked at expensive clothes and cheap jewelry. We didn't buy anything, but had fun not doing so.

Eventually my sister called: she had arrived at the hotel. We started walking North, she started walking South, and we met somewhere in the middle. After a bit more strolling, we decided it was time for dinner, so we popped back to the hotel to change. Then we walked to Times Square, figuring it's always a fun place to sightsee, and would probably have some food somewhere nearby.

We found a yummy Cuban place with live music, and had a small post-birthday celebration for me. We were disappointed we hadn't noticed the Sangria prepared table-side until after we'd already ordered drinks, but everything else was lovely. We then found an Irish bar with live music (not Irish music though, sadly), and finished off the evening there.

Saturday was moving day, so after a leisurely sleep-in and breakfast, we were packed and ready to go. Unfortunately we had erred -- our assumption that a rental car would be easy to find in NYC was false. We should have made a reservation. After calling everywhere without any luck, we finally decided to walk to Penn Station and take a train back to the Newark Airport. Not the most convenient way to rent a car, but it worked. Finally in our lovely rental car, we drove to New Jersey.

Upon finding some food, then our hotel in NJ, we unpacked and relaxed for awhile. My sister and I watched World Cup soccer, while M painted his toenails. Wait, maybe it was the other way around. ;-) Eventually it was time to get ready for my cousin's baby shower/cocktail party.

The party was a bit more tame than I'd expected for a party that involved cocktails, but we had a nice enough time. My cousin didn't open gifts, so it was really just a time to hang out with family members we hadn't seen in a long time and make some new friends. Then we drove back to our hotel and crashed.

Sunday was moving day, so after sleeping in we packed up again. We drove to my cousin's house and had brunch with all of our immediate family who was in the area (aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandma). That was nicer than the evening's party, because we could converse more easily, and we were wearing comfortable clothes. It was great catching up with everyone, and we even went for a little walk around the lake.

In the afternoon, we drove back to the airport to begin the grueling flight home. First it was delayed due to weather, then for no obvious reason at all. Finally we were allowed to board, we waited in line to take off, and then just as we were about to leave... the pilot noted a problem with the engine and we had to return to the gate. It was thoroughly tested (which despite my frustrations, I do approve), then reloaded with oil, then we had to wait in line again, then we finally took off.

We landed in Detroit at 11:30pm, six hours late, and limped our way home to bed. A good weekend, but it sure was exhausting!
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