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Yes My Dress

Friday at work, at our daily "standup" status meeting, I announced: "Last night after work I bought a wedding dress!"

Everyone was pleased, and one guy asked, "Why aren't you wearing it today?"

"Oh you know, casual friday."

One of the other developers looked down at his faded jeans and rumpled shirt. "Oh no, and I wore my good clothes today."

"So you'll wear it on monday?"

"Umm, sure!"

Actually I won't though. Although I bought a dress "off the rack" and my real honest-to-goodness wedding dress is already very nearby, it will stay at the dress shop until we are closer to my wedding date. Then I will get measured, have it altered to fit me perfectly, have it cleaned and pressed, and it will come home with me!

Well, maybe not to my house. It might go elsewhere, so that there is no danger of M seeing it before the big day. Otherwise he'll be like a kid on Christmas, digging through closets, trying to catch a glimpse of it.

I'm excited though. It's beautiful, and because I bought the rack model I got a great deal on it. The black leather goes with the hot pink exceptionally well, and I've never seen so many zippers on one garment before. I just hope the fringe doesn't get caught in one of them. Good thing I've got four bridesmaids to help me get into it!

(Did I mention that M reads this journal occasionally? ;-)
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