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Glasses for Sharing

At my office, my team gives a demo of the stuff we've been working on every thursday afternoon. Tradition dictates that one of the customers "drive", as opposed to allowing one of the developers to show off the features. We know how the software works, so we navigate around potential bugs without even considering them. Thus we like the software demonstration to be done by non-developers -- actual future users, where possible.

Two weeks ago our product owner attended, and I said, "Hey G, you want to drive?"

He patted his chest and said "I can't, I didn't bring my glasses." I let him off the hook that time.

However the next week, I had been observing that he only pulled out a cheap-looking pair of reading glasses when he looked at the screen, not for any other kind of activity. I had also noticed that one of my developers, L, does the very same thing. In fact he told me he keeps a cheap pair of glasses on his desk at work at all times, so he always has them around if he needs to read something up close.

So two weeks ago, he attended again, and I offered him the chance to drive. "Oh I would," he said sadly, "...but I forgot my glasses again."

"Okay.... Hey L! Can G borrow your glasses?"


"Your reading glasses, can G borrow them?"

"Sure, but you better be careful. These babies cost me $2.50 at CVS."

G tried them on, and they exchanged some prescription smack talk. It turned out the took care of his needs just perfectly. "Actually, these pretty good. I'll give you three bucks for them."

"Sure! What he doesn't know," L stage-whispered to the rest of us, "is that I really got them with a two-for-one coupon!"

When the demo was through, the glasses were returned, and G thanked me for the idea. "See? I take care of you," I proclaimed. "We look out for you here on Team Four."

Forward through to last week, and G's boss suggested that he drive. H reached for his pocket. "He used to try to get out of demos by forgetting his glasses," I teased.

"Oh no, I have them right here, see?" He pulled them out of his pocket.

"...but he had to stop that when he discovered we were onto him, and were ready to loan him a spare if he didn't bring his own!"
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