alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

My Monday

  1. It was monday - blah!
  2. But I had the day off - hooray!
  3. But I'd taken the day off as a "sick day", and scheduled two back-to-back "girly" doctor appointments. - boo!
  4. But I was able to visit two flower shops and my old house before the first invasion. - hoorah!
  5. Then I was scrapped and prodded in my most private area, because something was "atypical" six months ago, and needed another look. - bleck!
  6. Then it was lunchtime - yay!
  7. But my friend DH was not available to have lunch with me - sadness!
  8. But I had falaffel and garlic paste - Yummm.
  9. Then I went shopping for wedding jewelry, and found a couple of potential pieces - oooooh!
  10. Then I went to the hospital and had my second-most private parts squished very firmly - ouchie!
  11. Then I thought about a reminder somebody gave me awhile ago, that we do these brave but unpleasant things for our loved ones, and I love my loved one - awwww.
  12. Then I went to my gym, and did 47 minutes (4 miles) on the eliptical trainer - go me!
  13. Then I realized I couldn't finish the episode of Lost I was watching, unless I wanted to skip Zumba - darn.
  14. Then I went to Zumba and danced and sweated and had fun, even though it entailed a two hour work out - hoooooray me!
  15. My car and I staggered home, all gross and sweaty, first stopping at the gas station for gas, then at the grocery store for chicken breasts that were even flatter than mine. - eeeew.
  16. Then my sweetie made us dinner, while I had a delightfully long hot shower. - Yay!
  17. We ate dinner, snuggled, stretched out, watched more Lost, and an episode of Coupling. - More yayness!

My Monday was a good day, all told.
Tags: girlie, health, wedding
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