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Life Update

Life is good, and continues to keep me very busy. Work eats up the usual amount of time, plus commuting. I have joined a gym, which I really like, and have even splurged - I have started working out with a personal trainer.

I am determined to get into better shape, and I'm using the upcoming wedding to help motivate me. I'm not in bad shape right now I know, but I want to be in great shape. My shoulders and knee hurt regularly, and I'm nowhere near as active as I was six years ago. Granted in that time I've had two knee surgeries, but that's just all the more reason to strengthen my muscles and increase my fitness levels. I want to feel strong and healthy, and I want my body to respond eagerly when I ask it to do fun active things like bicycling, snowboarding, and so on. (It won't hurt to look extra-fabulous in my wedding dress, too!)

So I've been spending a good deal of my free time at the gym. It's been fun, especially since I've been using the time to catch up on the TV show Lost. By "catch up" I mean "start", given that I'm six years behind everyone else. Actually only 4.5 years now, because I've been watching a lot. It's good to have something to entertain me when I'm not working with my trainer!

Over the weekend I went up north with a bunch of friends to visit one of their family cabin. It was a wonderful weekend getaway, filled with swimming, jet-skiing, tubing, food, and conversation. Great weather too, which is a plus. When I went tubing on sunday, the driver said he got the boat up to around 50mph! It was a blast, skimming across the water and over wakes and crests and whatnot. Although it turns out that falling off the tube at 50mph is rather rough. I actually went somersaulting across the water at one point. It was a blast, even though I still have bruises and sore muscles today. This is the kind of thing I want to be in shape for: having fun in active sports.

Monday night M and I managed to get together with A and B, which was good fun. We've been talking about dinner for months, and wanting to do it while they still had some "adult" time, but kept putting it off.... well tuesday night she had her baby, so we managed to squeak in just under the wire!

Tonight after work, M and I are doing yet another weekend getaway. This will be a nice four-day weekend though, and we are driving to Milwaukee. We'll visit with my sis, and check out the Irish Festival. Should be an awesome time, and I'm looking forward to it! Just gotta visit the gym first, and then go to work, then it's vacation time... yay!

Speaking of which, I should go do that.
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