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Oh this sucks

Somebody stole my bike. I am such a freaking idiot sometimes. This morning I strapped my bike to my car and drove the car to an auto repair place about 6 miles from here. Dropped the car off to get its air-conditioning and muffler repaired, then rode my bike home. A little while ago I got a call that the car was fixed, so I hopped back on my bike. I decided to stop at the drug store first, to pick up a couple of things. I got to the drug store, and parked my bike right by the front window. I thought briefly about locking it to something, but my lock is a bit of a pain to use, and I was only planning on being a few minutes. I figured: right in front of a window, in the middle of the day, not a bad city, shouldn't be a problem. Shit! I'm so mad at myself. I went in, picked up my stuff, and got held up in the line for a bit. Still, I can't have been in there more than 15 minutes or so. Came out, and my bike wasn't there. Just gone. At first, I kept hoping I'd just misremembered where I'd left it, or maybe that somebody had moved it.

I wandered forlornly about the parking lot, hoping it would magically reappear.

It didn't.

Finally I told the CVS people what had happened, and left my name and number in case they heard anything. Then I walked home. Looking like an idiot, going for a walk in biking shorts.....

Of course, now my car is at least a 6-mile walk away, which while not unthinkable would be quite a bother. Fortunately I just called and they let me pay for it on credit card and will leave the keys in the locked vehicle. So at least I can wait until after hours and convince somebody to give me a ride.

But I miss my bike! I loved my bike! It was only 2 years old, and I'd gotten all kinds of nice features on it, and really enjoyed riding it. Plus, all my equipment (helmet, gloves, lock (dammit), trunk, etc) is missing, along with it. If I find the asshole that did it.... I actually saw a fire truck drive by while I was walking home, and ungraciously half-hoped that the bike-stealer had gotten into an accident on it. This theft has turned me into a cruel person. At least for today.
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