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Posting Finally

I miss my journal. I have been writing very little these days, both on-line and elsewhere. I feel its absence now, and I bet a few years from now (when I have little record of this year), I will feel it even more acutely.

What has been taking up all of my time? Well, work is a big part of it. My job is very intense, and I have little web-surfing time while there. (On the plus side, I just got a raise, so the job thing is going well at least.) Additionally, I have a 40 minute commute on a good day. That takes up time. I should try playing with some voice translation software, maybe I could learn to dictate journal posts in the car. That'd be kind of neat, actually.

Along with work, I've been working out a lot. I joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer. I really want to get in better shape, so that I will feel healthier and my joints will hurt less. Oh yeah -- also so I can look fabulous in my wedding dress. Even more fabulous, I mean! It's already pretty spectacular. I know this because the photos look nice. I bought it a few months ago, and since then it's been waiting at the dress shop for me, so I can get it altered closer to the wedding date.

What's this about a wedding? Oh yes, I'm trying to plan the biggest party I've ever been involved organizing. That's taking up a good deal of the time I have left. We have recently booked a videographer and a florist, we've registered, we ordered rings, and we're trying to set up transportation. We are also playing around with decoration and centerpiece ideas, since we're planning on doing those ourselves (with the help of friends, that is).

When I have time leftover after that, I spend it with M, until he goes to bed. He gets up atrociously early, so I tend to be up for a few hours after he goes to sleep. During that time I catch up on my web-surfing, emailing, and general computer whatnot that I've been putting off all day. By the time I'm done reading and catching up, I'm usually pretty much tired of the computer. If I have time, I watch an episode of Lost (my new addition, I've just started Season Four).

So that's what I've been doing when not posting! I miss it though, like I said, and I miss having the written record of my life. I should work harder at writing the occasional small life-related post, even if I don't have time to be eloquent and write lovely prose. (I miss the lovely prose too though....)

Another fun thing going on is my upcoming Siblings Weekend! Years ago, my brother and sister and I would try to get together once a year for a Siblings Weekend, when we'd go on a short trip just the three of us to catch up. None of us live in the same state anymore, so we don't get to spend much time together. I miss them. After my bro had his first child, that fell by the wayside as Life intervened.

Since then he's had another child, plus joined the police force, plus finished law school. My sister and I decided that a great graduation gift would be to revive the SW tradition. We arranged with his wife ahead of time, who agreed to watch the kids. This one will be our gift to him, and all-expenses-paid trip to New Orleans!

I'm so excited; none of us have ever been. We are going tomorrow, and hopefully it will be a spectacular weekend. A nice long weekend too, as we are leaving thursday and not returning until monday night. There are so many things to do and see... I'm sure we'll only graze the surface. However I'm sure it will be an awesome time. It will also be so good to catch up with my siblings -- especially in an environment without children or parents complicating things. I love them dearly, and wish I managed to spend more time with them.

I am open to any "must-see" suggestions that folks may have. We're staying new the French Quarter, and have a guide book. Other than that, we'll mostly make it up as we go along.... I will miss M, and that will be the only sad part of the trip. It will be good to have some sibling time, but I will definitely be missing my sweetie.

Another interesting thing I'm going to try tomorrow is an "eBoarding Pass". That sounds handy: you just show them the screen of your phone, instead of painfully carrying a piece of paper around with you. Should be nifty!
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