alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Chandeliers at a Restuarant

In Chicago for a software craftsmanship conference. They took us out for a "Dine Around Chicago" event, which was filling and fairly fun. Today (unlike last night when I arrived) I had enough energy to meet people, socialize, and network. Feeling awake makes the conference more fun and interesting, that's for sure.

Yesterday I got up early, worked a half day, drove to Chicago, got stuck in rush hour traffic, then arrived just in time for the opening event. Needless to say I chatted with some folks, but didn't linger too long. Last night I got a good deal of sleep (some might even say too much, since my cell phone died causing my alarm not to waken me at the appointed time), still made it to the first session on time, and felt far more rested and alert today.

More to learn tomorrow, then it's off to spend a little time with the family before I head home!

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