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Wedding Weekend

This has been one heck of a wedding weekend. Saturday morning we visited the cake lady at our reception location, to see if we liked her cakes. She was able to work with us to create something budget-friendly that sounds really pretty. (Oh gosh, I hope it will be beautiful....) Also her cakes taste delicious, so we placed our order.

Then we drove to the theater to meet up with the guy we're hiring to play the organ there. He was friendly and entertaining, and had some really good ideas. They main organ (the Barton Theatre Pipe Organ, one of the only theater organs in existence that is still played in its original home on a regular basis) wasn't accessible, but he didn't play us some music on a different organ, and he sounded great.

After that we stopped for lunch, then headed to the jewelry store. Our wedding bands were finally in! They'd come once before, but we verified the fit, then sent them off the be engraved. This time we admired the engraving, then packed them up and took them home. Can't wait until we both can actually wear them!

I had a gift card from his mother. A few months ago, she went through her own jewelry box, that of her parents' and that of her husband's parents'. She identified treasures that could be turned in, because she wanted to finance my wedding band as a contribution from M's family. It turns out she had enough treasures to pay for not just my wedding band, but an additional wedding gift in addition.

Last time we were at the jeweler's, we couldn't find anything that was quite right. This time, they were having a half-off-half-the-store sale. I hunted, looking at earrings, and found two pairs in my price range that I quite liked. After much agonizing (I'm so indecisive), I settled on the dangley ones. There are 5 tiny diamonds descending from the ear lobe, and they're just beautiful. I think they'll look great on my wedding day, and they will continue to look great for years to follow. They are extra special since they are a gift from M's family.

Today we spoke briefly with our wedding officiant (also M's uncle), to congratulate him on his 80th birthday. Then we went to the gym to work out a bit, then home to do laundry. None of these tasks was directly related to the upcoming wedding, although I could argue some indirect relationships.

However after all that, I started working on our invitations. I'd begun last week, but they text and everything needed to be finalized. M helped me out, and we got the wording as close to perfect as we were capable of. Then I ordered them...! Every big checkmark like that makes it feel a little more real. We have invitations now. I haven't touched them yet, but I know they are on their way. Exciting!
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