alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Four AM Mishaps

This week on monday, I started a new "diet". It is really more of a two-week challenge from my personal trainer, to see if I felt any better following her eating habits than my own. I'm willing to give it a try.... I can do anything for two weeks after all, right? So I let her write out a two-week meal plan for me.

One of her goals is for me to eat something small every 3 hours. As such, she prescribed snacks at 10am and 4pm. I used my phone to set alarms to go off at those times, so I wouldn't forget to eat my snack. On monday, my 10am alarm worked great.

My 4pm alarm didn't go off for some reason, but I remembered to eat anyway. That night, while I was sound asleep, my sweetie nudged me. "Your computer's making a noise. Do you hear it?"

Groggily I rolled out of bed, and discovered that my 4pm alarm had gone off at 4am. Ooopsssssyawn. I turned it off, switched it to pm, and decided to use the toilet.

Upon completing my business, I found I had used up the last of the toilet paper. I didn't want to find myself without paper the next time I needed it, so I went to the bathroom closet to fetch another roll.

I should note that I didn't bother to turn on a light during all this, because I didn't want it to hurt my eyes.

I opened up the closet, and reached down to the floor where I knew the toilet paper to be. Squinting down into the darkness, just as I had my hands on a roll, I felt a sharp pain in my eye. I had bashed my eye socket right into the handle of the vacuum cleaner we keep in that closet!


Sore and embarrassed, I came back to bed and recounted the story. M proceeded to laugh at this pitiful little story of 4am trials and tribulations for a good five minutes! I sulked, then eventually saw the humor myself.

Happily when I checked my eye the next morning, it was a bit tender, but not swollen, and no black-eye. Quite an adventurous early morning!
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