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Bridal Shower

My sis threw me a bridal shower on saturday, and it was quite wonderful. I was rather overwhelmed through most of the week beforehand - making sure people hadn't forgotten, making sure to clean the house (since my mom, sis, and niece were staying over), making sure supplies were picked up, cupcakes were made, and making sure I wasn't being too overbearing or bridezilla-y.

On that day of I was a wild combination of excited and terrified. My mind kept switching between "they're throwing a party just for ME!", to "oh my gosh they're throwing a party for me?!?!" In the end I had almost 30 girls show up, friends from all walks of my life. My family, my high school, my skating team, M's family, wives of M's friends who have now become my friends, some coworkers, and girls I've met at con sorts of events.

It was wonderful, and humbling, to have so many people come and express their care for me.

My sister and I decided to request an "impractical" theme. We don't have a lot on our registries, and we were afraid they'd be used up by the wedding if too many people shopped from them for the shower. The impractical theme generated all kinds of delightful creativity though! A few people got me fun or naughty things to wear, there were plenty of chocolates and adult beverages, there were many silly things, candles, games, and other such fun. One person brought Costa Rica to me, another put together a Bridal Day Emergency Kit. I got a pre-loaded electronic picture frame, stuff for Christmas, adult literature, and two alpacas. Rock on!

Instead of Traditional Bridal Shower Games, we decided to have a cupcake decorating contest. We set out lots of homemade cupcakes and tools, and everybody got creative. Then we set them out to be voted upon later on during the meal.

Additionally, during the meal, we played a M and R Trivia Game. M and I spent a few hours the weekend before taking a walk down memory lane and coming up with around 40 questions. Some were about us as kids, some were about us as a couple, some were from college or work.... we tried to make sure that some could only be answered by one or two people in the room.

The goal was to get people interacting with the table they were sitting at, to get to know one another. We had each table complete against the others. I drifted from table to table, refusing to help out, but happy to grin knowingly when they struggled with a question.

People were cheating outrageously, and it was such fun to see. Not really cheating, I suppose, since there were no rules. Just... taking advantage of the tools at hand. One table tried calling M's brother for help. Another had pulled out several smart phones and were madly googling our lives, searching LJ and Facebook, and trying to find our wedding website. A third table tried texting and calling one of M's best friends, and traded hints or answers with the table behind them. Another table tried to trade a smart phone for a mom (both our mothers sat at the same table).

In the end, the team which had named themselves "Love Unlimited" took the prize. Sadly I've misplaced the answer sheets, so I don't have full details about what they got right or wrong, but I did have a good time telling everybody the answers (and associated stories) when the game was through.

After that I opened a plethora or presents, and felt much love and generosity swirling around the room. What a great group of friends were there -- and that group doesn't even include all of the people in my life I count as Friends. I'm blessed in many many ways.

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