alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess


M enjoys fishing, but he does "catch and release". I heard a commedian once who points out that this isn't really catching fish, just inconveniencing fish. The fish goes on with his fishy life, he just might be late for whatever meeting or appointment he was heading toward. Thus whenever M goes fishing, I don't ask "did you catch one?", I just ask, "did you inconvenience any?"

M also likes to hunt, and goes Up North for opening weekend of deer season every fall. However up until recently, he had not actually caught any deer. Thus I liked to tease him that he was just there to inconvenience the deer. I even put his trip on our calendar as "M tries to inconvenience a deer."

He warned me however, "You know I'm planning on doing more than inconvenience it, right?" I admitted I knew, but it seemed to me that the deer usually won.  That said, since he caugt his second deer this year I suppose I can't tease him quite as much anymore.

Today on our calendar it reads, "inconvenience a Christmas tree." We are going out into the wilds to.... Well, hopefully we'll do more than inconvenience it. Hopefully it will look lovely adorning our family room!
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