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M and I registered for wedding gifts a little while ago. It was fun: we were in Bed Bath and Beyond with a scan-gun, and we could scan and ask for anything we wanted! It was a little intimidating too though, since we have so little room in our current home. We tried to limit ourselves to things we truly needed, or things which were a definite step above the items we own today.

Well, mostly. We also registered for a few whimsical things. As we were walking along I stumbed into, "Look, a Sparty Snuggie!" He regularly makes fun of the Snuggie - a blanket with arms. Laughing, I held it up to show him.

beeep! "Annnd, we've registered for it," he said delightedly.

"You registered for the snuggie?!"

"Of course! I had to, didn't I?"

"Well, um, I suppose you did, yes."

Much later in the registravaganza, I grew weary and decided to refresh myself in the bathroom. When I came back, we were looking at bedding. "You know," I said thoughtfully, "You'll have to let me use the snuggie. Otherwise what will I wear when I'm cold, and you're wearing your snuggie? There are no Amherst snuggies."

"You'll wear the leopard-print one that I registered for you while you were in the bathroom, of course."

"Oh! You, um, registered me a leopard snuggie?"

"What else was I supposed to do? You left me all alone."

I nodded.... of course. What else could I expect?

Now that the invitations have gone out, M and I can't help ourselves. We know it's wrong, but we periodically glance at the registry, to see if anything's been bought. Want to guess one of the first items that were snapped up? You got it: the sparty snuggie.

My snuggie hasn't been receiving as much attention though, I fear. It's too bad. M's going to be cold when I steal his sparty snuggie.....!!
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