alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Sliding Through the Snow

I hate driving in snow. It frightens me, much more so than is reasonable. I get all tense, freaked out, and miserable. Sunday night we had a bunch of snow. Not a lot of snow, but some. Additionally, it was really-freakin-cold out, which meant that the slosh on the roads turned into thick ice that couldn't be melted by anything. (Apparently salt don't melt below a certain temperature.)

Monday morning was awful. All the schools were closed, and lots of people had to stay home from work - either due to childcare, being snowed in, or just generally not wanting to deal with the hideous traffic. I fell soundly into category three, but I have a lot of essential things going on at work this week. Things that can't be done from home, and really shouldn't be put off.

So I compromised: I left home at 9am, even though I normally aim to be at work around 9am. I thought this would allow the sun to come out and make the roads brighter and cleaner, and it would give people time to get off the roads and out of my way.

I made it to work by 11am. Exhausted, from two hours of driving with my shoulders up by my ears because I was so tense.

Work that day was exhausting, but we got some good stuff accomplished so I was glad I'd gone. The worst part was knowing that I had to drive home still, and endure it all again.

Going home took over an hour, but it was still better the trip there. My brain tortured me the whole way, tauntingly reminding me: it's only monday... still four more days of this....

Tuesday morning also took an hour (my commute is 40 minutes on a good day). When I made it into work, I was greeted by one of my teammates with, "Wow, you look exhausted. Is everything okay?" I told him that I appreciated the sympathy, but that I just didn't do well driving in snow. I find it mentally taxing. But that's a good indication of how miserable I was feeling, that colleague who doesn't know me well was worried about me!

Today, on the way home, it was the first drive that didn't scare me. I clicked into "normal driving mode" finally, thankfully. It was a relief not to feel scared and stressed out on the road. It's still cold, but the snow has mostly cleared, and there hasn't been any new snow yet.

Sadly I know it's only December, so new snow will come. The strange thing is that I love snow, by itself. I'm having a winter wedding after all, and hoping for some snowy photographs! I like walking in it, playing in it, sliding down it.... I just hate-hate-hate driving in the stuff.
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