alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
alpaca princess

Weekend report

I had tryouts for my skating team this weekend. Every year, you have to tryout again, because each year the coach builds a new team from the interested skaters. This allows her to build the best possible team, but it's frustrating to have to wonder each year if you'll make the team again. I skated pretty well, so I'm not too worried...but there were a bunch of talented skaters there this year. We'll see! I find out thursday (probably, depending on mail speed) who made the team.

Right when tryouts ended, everybody on the ice kind of scattered - some people went to grab sweaters and water-bottles from the boards, some people stood and talked, and some people started skating around a bit. I wanted to do a little free-skating before I got off the ice, so I started skating backwards, getting up speed, probably to go do a hydroblade. Unfortunately I somehow managed to hit blades with another girl - I'm not even quite sure how! I just heard a loud "chink!" and no longer had my feet underneath me properly. I landed on my hip, and somehow caught my toepick in the ice, twisting my knee in a direction it prefers not to go. Ouch!!

You know how, when you turn your ankle or you knee or something, there can be that initial period of painful, tingly, shakey-weakness? Where you know it's not able to support your weight yet, but you know that will pass and you'll be okay? Well that's what my knee was doing. So I just sat there on the ice for a second, letting it rest.

Somebody came up and asked, "Are you okay?"
I told her "Yes, I just need to sit still for a moment or two, then I'll be fine. Pretend like we're having a conversation, so nobody will bug me, okay?"

It didn't really work, because two other girls came skating up. "You're hurt, aren't you?" As I sat there, arms resting on my knees, trying to look nonchelant.
"No, I'm all right, just twisted my knee a bit. I just need to sit for a moment, that's all."

"Do you need help getting up?" The shakiness was subsiding, and really I just didn't want anybody to know I was a little hurt, so I refused, and carefully got up on my own.
"Just twisted the knee a bit; I'm fine!" I responded to my coach's inquiries from across the rink. I carefully skated over to the door and got off the ice. The knee felt tight, but was supporting my weight again, so that was a good sign. After taking my skates off, I found that so long as I walked a bit more carefully and slowly it was okay and didn't really hurt.

After the traditional after-tryout-bar-gathering, I went home. C was there, and immediately asked me, "Did you hurt yourself?" I don't know why, because I'd thought I was doing a pretty good job of walking carefully without limping. But I admitted to having twisted it, and fetched myself a cold-pack from the freezer for my favorite all-purpose injury treatment. (Although ice cream is a close second.)

The darn knee definitely stiffened up overnight, and is stiff and tender today. I brought my cold-pack to work, and I've been taking it easy. There's no swelling, so I know I suffered no serious damage. Just need to be gentle with it, so it can heal itself up quickly. Annoying, though! At least it happened after the tryout was over.
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