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The thing is: Java just isn't as "cool" as it used to be. It's still a solid language, and there are lots of people writing good software in it. It's just not new and fresh. The "cool kids" are all off doing Ruby, Groovy, Scala and who-knows-what-else. Not me, at least not yet. I'm making a fine living doing Java development, and I'm still enjoying it.

However it's just not all that cool anymore. It's like calling yourself "MSExcel girl". That's a darn useful tool, it keeps all kinds of businesses afloat, and it's not easy to be great at it.... but there aren't a ton of bragging rights associated with it.

That said, one of the VP's at my company told a story last week. He'd been driving down the road and saw the JAVAGRL license plate. He thought to himself, "Now somebody that passionate about java should be working for us." So he followed the car, even though according to him it was going like 82 mph (note: I was only driving 77 mph), fully intending to follow it to its destination and give the driver a business card and/or an impassioned speech. However when he pulled up next to it, he saw that it was me and I already work for his company. So he stopped following me, and told me the story later.

I feel like it's time for a change. I've been javagirl for awhile, it's not as cool as it once was, and I don't want to get too stuck in a rut. However will ePaca or kAlpaca ever generate this kind of passion and stalking behavior that javagirl does???

Edit: I may have been unclear. I'm talking about changing my license plate, not my programming language!
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