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Spring-ish Books

9. Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks. (Audio book) First book of his I'd read, suspenseful and interesting... doesn't get an "A", but I enjoyed it enough that I'll look for other books he's written.

8. Object-Oriented Modeling and Design with UML, Michael Blaha and James Rumbaugh. Also, UML2 and the Unified Process, by Jim Arlow and Ila Neustadt. These were school books, and I only read certain chunks of them, so I'm counting them as one entry.

7. Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog, by John Grogon. (Audio book) This was cute and fun, perfect road-reading.

6. The White Dragon, by Anne McCaffrey. (Audio book) My favorite childhood author, it's fun re-reading her books as an adult.

5. A Clash of Kings, by George R. R. Martin. Second in a series, and now an HBO miniseries. Trying to keep reading ahead of the show. Enjoying it enough that I'm worried it won't be long before I've caught up to the author and am waiting with frustration for him to write the next one....

I've gotten addicted to audio books to make my commute seem shorter. They are a great way to distract the miles away. It's working, and I sometimes even find myself looking forward to my next commute! Today's library trip found me taking home Angelology, and 3 planet books by CS Lewis. Should be fun!
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