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Chicago Trip

I used to be able to simultaneously email short posts to both FB and LJ. Recently that hasn't been working the way I want.... Does anyone have a good way of posting to FB and then have that post go to LJ simultaneously?

Just got back from a whirlwind trip to Chicago. We left saturday morning, because we had a family graduation party to attend friday night. Drove while listening to NPR, which invoked this status update:
Chicago trip took a turn for the surreal when NPR's This American Life did a show on poultry. Between Ducky, the Chicken Man, a chicken opera in Italian, and rooster photography (They were having trouble with the energy level of the male chicken during his photoshoot. They brought in a female, and showed it to the flaccid cock, but the cock failed to rise. ("Can I say this on radio?", he asked))

Upon arrival, lunch was had, conversations were had, and then we walked to the zoo. The alpacas were hiding, as almost always. Most of the animals, in fact, were hiding or sleeping. We were forced to pose with fake animals.

There was a bit of computer fixing, then Mom cooked us some yummy french hamburgers. The meal concluded with made-from-scratch rhubarb pie, and all were in heaven.

Then M and I rode our bikes to our hotel, and went to sleep.

The next morning, after an unreasonable amount of fussing with the bikes (the hotel is under renovation, so the temporary lobby is on the 2nd floor. They stored our bikes for us, but were unable to allow us to talk down the stairs to take them outside. The stairs are marked "emergency exit only", which leads me to guess they lead out into the construction zone. But it was still irritating, having to wait it in very long line for the elevator, when all we wanted to do was take our bikes down one floor, and we were strong enough to carry them.)

Anyway, then we made it back to Mom and Pop's. Breakfast was had, more conversation and whatnot, and then eventually we all went for a bike ride along the lake shore. It was fun and beautiful, and I ran into a local trapeze group giving beginner lessons, and realized that I really need to take a trapeze lesson. Soon! It looks like fun!

When we arrived back home, my brother and his kids had arrived. There was playing and hugging and watching of children's television. Eventually there was opening of birthday presents (all of my siblings and I were born in June). Then there was saurbrottan, potato pancakes, and birthday cake. Much yumminess!

Then biking back to the hotel for bed again. (Our car we parked at Mom's house, where parking is tons cheaper than downtown.)

This morning we discovered it to be raining, which made our biking-to-millennium-park idea seem much less fun. Instead we met with Bro and the kids to see Mr. Poppers Penguins. It was sweet and entertaining, good clean kid fun.

Then there was lunch, then began the long process back home.... first Sis drove us back to Mom and Dad's, then we put the bike rack back on the car, then drove it to the hotel. We picked up our luggage and bicycles from hotel storage, attached the bikes to the car, put the luggage inside, packed ourselves in also, and began the long drive home. I love visiting my family, and I love visiting Chicago, but I sure wish it was a little easier!

Other FB comment:
If a Kilwins truck cuts us off, the least he can do is give us chocolate or ice cream in apology!
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