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I'm tired! Tired, tired, and sleepy, and tired, and where was I? Oh yes, here at work, tired. I'm trying to write here in my journal to wake myself up a bit, but in fact I'm too tired to have anything interesting to say. Which means I'm boring. And what happens when I'm bored? Yes, I get sleepy. This is not helping.

I didn't sleep well last night. I was too hot. It's weird, because I've slept successfully when too hot in the past. The human race wouldn't survive if we couldn't sleep when it got hot out. But somehow, last night just wasn't to be. I was way too hot, uncomfortable, and sick to my stomach. My knee and leg hurt from having skated (albeit carefully) in the evening, so I had an ice pack and was icing them. Then I started icing the rest of me, in an effort to cool off. But it didn't really work. The body part with the ice got cold, and the rest of me stayed hot.

I got crabbier and crabbier. I suspect I wasn't very fun to be around. I'm not sure if I started feeling sick before or after the ice pack efforts, but I'm wondering if perhaps the extreme temperature differences were what caused my stomach to get to upset. Or the heat. Or just my imagination. I can never tell. But I hate feeling sick to my stomach.

I went downstairs for awhile, and it seemed fractionally cooler by the open window down there, and I started feeling a little better. C, at whose airconditionless house I was staying, came downstairs, and we talked for a bit, then he wanted to go back upstairs. I got all whiny and annoying. I didn't mean to, but it happened. It's a wonder he didn't kick me out. I was just in one of those tired/unhappy/uncomfortable states where I wanted to feel better but didn't know how to do so.

I decided that the reason the upstairs was so hot was that he had his fan pointed out the window, blowing the hot air out of the room, but it meant that the nice cool air from outside (which I was enjoying downstairs) was being blocked from entering. So he agreed to switch the fan around, then I went back upstairs with him (but not until it was switched).

He let me lie right in front of the fan. Still the coolness only came in waves. I don't know what was up with that. Sometimes it would feel wonderfully nice, the cooler air caressing my body, and other times it was still stifling hot, the air completely motionless, my body feeling like it was covered in a thousand blankets. The changes of the wind? But there was a fan blowing! Weird. I remember, half starting to fall asleep, feeling the heat radiating from my body and saying out loud, "So this is what spontaneous combustion feels like."

Ridiculous, eh? At this point C started wondering if I had a fever. He said I didn't feel hot to the touch though. I don't know what it was. Maybe I've just lived too long with air conditioning, a pampered northerner. Seems strange though. Maybe it was just a bad night.

At any rate, I did eventually get a little rest, although it was fitful. My stomach went back to normal, but I was still uncomfortable. Too hot, then too cold as the night progressed. I fetched a sheet to put over me, and that helped, but then I was too hot again. And my knee hurt, when I shifted wrong. And I had to pee several times during the night.

See? See what I mean? Whiny and annoying. Sheesh, what a night. No wonder I'm tired today, and annoyed with myself. Good thing C's pretty patient with me. I wish I could go home and take a nap.
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