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Cute New Glasses

So recently, 7 years or so post-lasik, I've been getting a lot of headaches. Mostly after a long and intense day of work, glaring angrily at a computer screen containing code that has been frustrating me to no end, I'll look up to find I have a throbbing headache.

It's hard to tell if it was work stress or eye trouble, but I hadn't had my eyes checked out in a couple of years, so it made sense to go. I went a couple of weeks ago, and got a thorough checkup.

Basically, my eyes are just fine. I can read everything he throws at me. A few of the smallest lines are a bit fuzzy, but still readable. I had trouble reading the tiny print when he blocked one eye. But really - everything was fine.

I explained that I have been getting headaches. They start in my left eye, wave through my forehead, and head back. They only come after using the computer for a long time. He agreed they sounded eye related, but didn't have a lot he could offer me. He put together a tiny prescription enhancement and had me try using it, to see if I found it helpful at all. I shrugged. "Maybe?"

My theory, and it makes sense to him, is that although I can see everything, it is a mild strain to do so. That mild strain, amplified over eight or nine hours of glaring at a computer screen, escalates into what I'm experiencing.

("Plus," suggested one of my coworkers. "You have to work with us." I agreed.)

The best suggestion he had for me, and he said this very dubiously, was that I could try a very very mild pair of reading glasses. 0.75 is the number. You can't even find them at the drugstore, where the lowest ones are 1.25. (.75 what, you might ask? I don't know.) Although they are very mild, I might find that they relax my eyes just enough to stop the tension from building up throughout the day.

Since you can't find them in stores here, of course I turned to my trusty internet. I found some lovely folks in China who had a ridiculously cute pair for very cheap, at the right number. I was a little worried that the stripes would be a bit much, as they were gaudier online. However they turned out subtle enough that I don't feel I'm wearing clown glasses.

I'm not sure how much I'll wear them, if at all. I haven't decided yet if they actually help or not. I've just started experimenting at home, to see if they seem to be helping. If I get used to using them here, I'll try bringing them to work in a little while though.

I don't want to wear them at work until I'm quite sure they're helpful though, because I don't want to be teased. Kids can be so cruel!


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