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Fall into Books

Right now I'm on kind of an Orson Scott Card kick! Relieving fun books from my childhood, and reading sequels I never found earlier. I'm also done with classes this year (for my slow-moving master's degree), and looking forward to just three (3!) more next year, 'til I'm done.

So here's my reverse-order list so far.....

26. The Witches, by Roald Dahl. (ebook) Cute children's book. I saw a play based on the book yesterday with my niece and nephew in Chicago, and was inspired to find a copy of the book online. Quite charming!

25. Shadow of the Hegemon, by Orson Scott card. (audio) Second book in Bean's saga. I liked the "story" parts of it, but towards the end it got a little too abstract for me regarding politics and countries and wars,

24. Ender's Shadow, by Orson Scott card. (audio) If you've read Ender's Game, you may remember a small boy named Bean. This is his story, told in parallel with Ender's. I enjoyed this one.

23. Magic Street, by Orson Scott Card. (audio) A book about a foundling with magical powers, growing up in an affluent African American neighborhood. Entertaining.

22. Oracle 10g Developer, PL/SQL Programming by Joan Casteel -- just finished this class, and tragically only received 99 of the potential 100 points. So shameful!

21. Practical Research: Planning and Design by Leedy and Ormrod -- used in "thesis part one", the class in which I started to learn how to write a thesis. After Christmas, it's thesis time.... (ack)
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