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Monday monday. Not my favorite day of the week. I was very sleepy earlier today, but I seem to be waking up some now (too bad it's already late afternoon!). I got annoyed just now, maybe that's why. This guy I work with came by and asked me questions about an email I'd sent him. In the email I'd told him what he needed to do, and how to start. He asked me about it just now, and hadn't done any of the "starting stuff" I'd told him to do. Well obviously you don't understand, if you didn't begin where I told you to begin! grrr. I don't mind answering questions and explaining things. I just expect people to try on their own first, and look where I tell them first, before they come to me with questions.

I had a good weekend though. Went to a 2-day wedding thing a couple of hours away, and stayed saturday night in a hotel with C and a friend of ours. I'm afraid I didn't sleep at all well saturday night though. I slept in fairly late sunday, making up for it at least somewhat, but was a bit bleary all day sunday. Especially since my allergies were acting up, what with the wedding thing being in a cornfield. Also, the sun was beating hot, and the humidity downright soaking. It was a nice wedding even so - a simple but pretty ceremony.

Last night was kind of weird. C and A came over after a concert they'd gone to (I'd had to miss it and do family stuff). When they arrived I put a bunch of new CDs in to listen to, including one from the concert they'd just seen, but then A got paged, had to make a phone call, and made me stop listening to them. Then C decided to use my computer, and A was still on the phone, and I found myself thinking, "Dude, this is my house! Why am I the one standing around feeling bored, and why can't I do anything I want to do?" (I always address myself as "dude". I feel it adds a bit of spark to my internal conversations.)

Eventually it all got better, and I got to listen to the CDs and read old Sluggy books while cuddling with C for awhile, which is what I'd wanted to do.

We stayed up later than my body really wanted to. I find I often get really antsy and jittery when I'm overtired, where I simply cannot sit still any longer. That's my body's way of signaling that it needs to be put to bed. So C and I went upstairs, and it was an interesting turn of the tables -- he was thoughtful and talkative, and I was sleepy and barely staying awake for our conversation. Generally, the exact opposite is true, because I'm quite an insomniac -- but apparently my insomnia had finally caught up with me, and all I wanted to do was go to sleep.

The conversation ended, I think when C realized I wasn't keeping up my end very effectively, and I fell asleep. I only woke up a couple of times during the night, and fell right back asleep afterwards, so it was a fairly good night. Even so, this morning I had a terrible time waking up. I felt like I was drugged, I was so slow and foggy. Made it to work fairly late, and haven't been terribly productive yet today....
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