alpaca princess (renniekins) wrote,
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This and that

I have a new phone... It's a droid. Specially, an HTC Rhyme. I'm slowly getting used to it. It's a weird combination of "yay shiny new toy", and "darn it this is so confusing, where is all my stuff and why is the keyboard not understanding me?"

I'm trying a new swype style keyboard while typing this entry, and its tricky. ... We'll see, I expect it will get easier with practice. I hope!

This has been quite the weekend. We got our Christmas cards done, went to two holiday parties, finally finished organizing the garage enough that both of our cars fit again, took M'a niece and nephew to Cirq Soleil ,and had dinner with his(our) family. Fun but exhausting!

The garage thing has been grueling. Back during the Thanksgiving holiday, we brought our PODS back from storage and spent a thin of time emptying it out . We completed that job, and are no longer paying anybody to store our stuff. That was awesome, but it meant our garage was too full to accommodate our cars. One the past month, we have been going through everything. We sold a bunch of stuff on craigslist, gave things to family, donated to Charity, organized, estranged, sorted, and turned the shelves in our garage into a life sized tetris game. Last week we got my car back into the garage. Today, M'a car went back in. We still aren't 100% done, but we've taken back the garage. Especially good since Winter Is Coming.

It'a a bummer still not being together in dream house like we'd prefer, but at last we're together, all our things are back, and we aren't paying for any more storage.

[editor's note, now that I'm on a real computer: okay, not too many weird typos with the swype keyboard. Except for "estranged", which is not what I typed, and I don't remember what I meant to say there. Using that keyboard was challenging though!]
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